Ut2004 Hand Weapons





On this page you will find a visual index of various weapons that exist on the CEONSS and/or on the Omnipotents Onslaught server.

Standard Weapons

A list from the standard weapons which are delivered with the game can you find in the Liandri Archives. Maybe I or someone else put them here too.
Translocator, Shield Gun, Assault Rifle, Bio Rifle, Mine Layer, Shock Rifle, Super Shock Rifle, Link Gun, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, AVRiL, Sniper Rifle, Lightning Gun

Custom Weapons

Batterie Lanscher

Super Weapons

standard and custom
Redeemer, Ion Painter, Target Painter
Portable IonCanon
EMP Lanscher

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