Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, Alpine, ArcticStronghold*, ColdFusion, Dawn, DesertedSands, Dria, Gravitrek, Pyroclastic*, Severance, TropicNightfall, TwinFang*
Armor: 300


Primary: Sticky string of blobs, 65 damage per blob, 1 uncharged 3-blob shot per second, or 1 fully charged 7-blob shot per 2.5 seconds
Alternate: Plasma, 225 damage per second

The Tarantula is a bit slower than the Stinger, but it's easier to drive. Its sticky string is not as densely packed with blobs as the Stinger's, so it does less damage. It has a powerful (but limited range) plasma gun, at the expense of not having blades.

A quick way to take down unsuspecting tanks is to charge up a full string, stick it to the tank, then start firing the plasma at it. The plasma will kill it most of the way while the string is waiting to detonate, then the string will finish it off.

All of the driving techniques for the Stinger also apply to the Tarantula. Tarantulas are immune to momentum transfer, so they can't be knocked around by weapons. Alpine, ArticStronghold, Pyroclastic, Severance, and TwinFang use an older version that can be knocked around, and is harder to drive.

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