Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: Alpine, ColdFusion, Dawn, DesertedSands, Dria, Severance
Armor: 300


Primary: Sticky string of blobs, 65 damage per blob, 1 uncharged 4-blob shot per second, or 1 fully charged 11-blob shot per 2.5 seconds
Alternate: Extend blades

The Stinger is the fastest wheeled custom vehicle. On a straightaway, it's roughly as fast as a Manta. When it comes to maneuvering, it has a higher learning curve than other vehicles, but it pays off to spend some time learning this vehicle.

If you're driving forward at high speed, and hold down left or right, you'll make a very wide turn in that direction. There are ways to make sharper turns. If you release the accelerator, and then hold turn, the Stinger will turn and drift, eventually making a 180 turn and coming to a complete stop. You can interrupt this process early, say, when it's turned 90 degrees, by releasing the turn key and holding down forward again. You will be moving forward at 90 degrees from the direction you used to be traveling, and you will still have maintained some of your former speed. Once you've pulled this maneuver, don't try to turn again until the wheels have stabilized, or you will spin out of control.

If you somehow manage to do a wheelie, you'll be a sitting duck until you can get righted again. If your front wheels are high in the air, use your crouch key to get them back on the ground. If you get your back wheels high in the air, use your jump key to lower them.

That leads to the next topic, air control. When your Stinger is airborne, you can turn the nose left or right by pressing left or right. You can pitch the nose down using crouch or up using jump. Finally, you can hold down the Walk key and press left or right to roll.

If you're flying through the air, the best way to make a smooth landing is to use the air control to get the Stinger as close as possible to being parallel with the surface you expect to land on. Once you've made a landing, don't try to turn until the wheels have had some time to stabilize.

If you're on the ground, you can use the crouch key to charge up a jump, then release it to spring up into the air (this doesn't work on all maps). This is useful if you need to get turned around, but don't have any room to accelerate. Just jump into the air, and use the air control to get pointed the right way.

Stingers are immune to momentum transfer, so they can't be knocked around by weapons. Alpine and Severance use an older version that can be knocked around.

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