Creator: Solace
Maps: MagicIsle
Armor: 250


Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 101.25 damage per second
Alternate: Close-range attack, 350-175 damage, 1 shot per 3 seconds, moderately large radius

The Phoenix is a flier with a hitscan laser weapon, which makes it much more useful in air-to-air combat than a Raptor; although because it lacks the splash of the Raptor's primary, it's less effective against infantry. The alternate fire close-range attack is great for taking out nodes and infantry, and it can also destroy an incoming AVRiL if you time it right.

Defending against a Phoenix means being very aware of it's burst attack; especially infantry, which can be killed in one hit, and Hellhounds, which get knocked very far by it's momentum. Because it requires the Phoenix to get very close to what it attacks and usually to fly in a straight line toward it's quarry, infantry can use weapons not often thought to be anti-air, such as the Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher, which can decimate the Phoenix's low health. Of course, attacking it with ranged weapons does much to prevent it from ever getting that close in the first place.

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