AKA: Mino, Super Tank
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, DesertedSands, Dria, KAKMO, MagicIsle, MinusTankMeUp-Evo, MinusTankMeUp-Gorz, Pyroclastic
Armor: 2000


Primary: Shell, 1000 damage (1500+ against tanks), 1 shot per 2.5 seconds, huge radius
Alternate: Zoom

First Gunner

Primary: Minigun, 250 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

Second Gunner

Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 125 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

One of the most powerful custom vehicles, skillful use of the Minotaur can completely turn the tide in an ONS match. The first thing you should do, upon getting into this tank, is not blindly shoot the cannon. You're likely to hit something nearby and destroy yourself with the huge splash damage.

The Minotaur is quite fast, but it takes a long time to accelerate to its full speed. Once it's at full speed, it takes a long time to stop or turn. So if you plan to drive it, give yourself lots of space to navigate around the various obstacles in the map. If you see your team's Minotaur, give it a wide berth so you don't collide and knock it off course. Of course, if you see the enemy Minotaur, go ahead and give it a good shove :).

The Minotaur's distinguishing feature is its enormously powerful cannon. It does enough damage to destroy a power core in a handful of shots. However, the cannon rotates more slowly than that of a regular tank. Also, the huge splash radius makes it easy for a careless driver to blow themself up. If you're fighting against an enemy Minotaur, you can take advantage of this by getting right up close to it where it can't shoot the cannon at you without destroying itself.

Keep in mind that as soon as an enemy spots your Minotaur, they will tell their entire team where you are, and many of them will stop whatever they're doing to come kill you. So it's a good idea to always be moving from one part of the map to another.

The second seat is the minigun turret. Always take a gunner with you, so they can deal with flying vehicles, as well as enemies that are too close to safely kill with the cannon.

The third seat is the laser turret. It's not as powerful as the minigun, and it's much less stealthy, so use the minigun instead. The only time you need to use the lasers is when a flying vehicle is attacking you from directly above, because the minigun has a limited vertical range.

It takes some practice to drive the Minotaur well. Since it can play such a crucial role in the outcome of a match, I suggest taking it for a practice run offline before you try to use it in an online match.

Defending against a Minotaur is mostly a battle of attrition - simply deal as much damage as you can before being taken down, and eventually the beast will succumb to its wounds. Smaller or airborne vehicles actually stand a better chance of survival despite their low armour level, due to their ability to outrun the cannon's turning speed.

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