Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: MagicIsle, Pyroclastic, Severance
Armor: 10000


Primary (Undeployed): Homing missiles, 45 damage, 2 shots per second
Primary (Deployed): "Singularity Canon", 5000 damage, 1 shot per 6 seconds, huge radius
Alternate: Deploy/Undeploy

Front Right Gunner

Primary: Homing rockets, 135 damage, 1 shot per second
Alternate: Launches a weak guided redeemer

Front Left Gunner

Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 175 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

Rear Right Gunner

Primary: Charge-up laser, 300 damage per fully charged shot, 1 fully charged shot per 2.5 seconds
Alternate: Zoom

Rear Left Gunner

Primary: Flak, tight formation, 400 damage if all shards hit, 1 shot per second
Alternate: Flak, spread formation, 225 damage if all shards hit, 1 shot per second

kraken.pngThis is what the Leviathan should have been. The Kraken is armed with a large arsenal of turrets. It's also faster than a Leviathan (though it is still by no means a fast vehicle), and has more health

Driver: When the Kraken is not deployed, it is very vulnerable to Minotaurs, Bio Tanks, and other powerful ground vehicles. The goal of the Kraken driver should be to drive quickly and quietly to some key part of the map, and deploy there. Pick a spot where the canon can vaporize any incoming tanks long before they have a chance to shoot at you. For example, the cliffs above nodes 3 and 10 on MagicIsle are popular deployment spots.

Seat 2: Missile turret, front right side. Primary fire shoots homing missiles that can be useful for defending against nearby enemies on the front right side. The alternate fire redeemers are very weak compared to normal redeemers. However, they are useful for surveillance. If the Kraken is climbing a hill, a gunner should fly a redeemer to the top and warn the driver about any threats that might be up there.

Seat 3: Rapid-fire laser turret, front left side. Useful for defending the Kraken against fliers, but please don't spam it wildly at nothing, because it is very conspicuous and will catch the other teams's attention.

Seat 4: "Power Beam" charge-up laser turret, back right side. Someone with good aim should man this turret and defend against Raptors and Cicadas. The driver may want to keep in mind that this turret is on the back right corner, and orient the vehicle so that it has a good field of view for taking out incoming fliers.

Seat 5: Flak turret, back left side. Out of the four turrets, this one gets the least use. It is useful if something is attacking from the back or the left, at close range.

Depending on the map, filling all five seats in the Kraken may be a waste of players. On MagicIsle, for example, you can get by with one driver, one good shooter in the Power Beam turret, and one more player to alternate between the other turrets when the situation calls for it.

Due to the wide variety of turrets present, the Kraken has no single weak point. Bring in a "heavy hitter" vehicle such as the Minotaur or your team's own Kraken to take this behemoth down.

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