Ion Plasma Tank
Class: Tank
Armor: 800
Creator: Psyonix
Maps: Battlefront-DjAyT-FutureCombat, BlockFort, Hoover_Dam, MagicIsle, MasterBath-Renovation, MinusTankMeUp-*, OmahaBeach, Tanks-A-Lot, Twofences-CNL, Nevermore-TankMeUp


Primary: Ion cannon, 900 damage, huge radius, 1 shot per 3.5 seconds (2 second charge time, 1.5 second reload rate)
Alternate: Shockwave, no damage, pushes infantry away, 1 shot per 1.5 seconds


Primary: Minigun, 170 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

Ion Plasma Tank

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