Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, Alpine, ColdFusion, Dria, Gravitrek, KAKMO, MagicIsle, Pyroclastic, Severance
Armor: 600


Primary: Rapid-fire plasma, 150 damage per second, small radius
Alternate: Spreading burst of plasma balls, 250 damage if all plasma balls hit, 1 shot per 1.2 seconds

Side Gunner

Primary: Skymines, 40 damage, 2.5 shots per second
Alternate: Laser, 25 damage, 1.5 shots per second
Combo: 200 damage

Rear Gunner

Primary: Charge-up laser, 300 damage per fully charged shot, 1 fully charged shot per 2.5 seconds
Alternate: Zoom

The Hellhound is an improved Hellbender. It's faster, and the weapons are more powerful. The driver also gets a weapon: a Manta-like plasma gun.

The most common use for the Hellhound is to camp somewhere to keep the area clear of fliers. The twinbeams do 300 damage per shot, enough to kill a Raptor or heavily damage a Cicada. If you plan to fly a Raptor on a map that has Hellhounds, you will have to be sneakier than usual to avoid being vaporized.

A good use for the main seat's plasma is harassing Minotaurs. Ram it with the Hellhound while firing plasma into it, and you'll either make the Minotaur driver panic and blow themself up, or you'll at least knock them off course and get some damage in before they can kill you with the minigun.

The alternate plasma bursts can be useful for defending yourself against Mantas. The plasma will do a decent amount of damage and send them flying away from you.

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