Fire Tank
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, MagicIsle, MinusTankMeUp-Evo, Scorched
Armor: 1200


Primary: Napalm, 5 shots per second
Alternate: Fireball, 500 damage, 1 shot per 2.5 seconds, moderately large radius

First Gunner

Primary: Short range flame thrower, 400 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

Second Gunner

Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 125 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

The fire tank is a very well-rounded and useful tank.

The main canon shoots sticky napalm fireballs a short distance. If a fireball hits an enemy vehicle, it sticks, otherwise, it sticks to the ground or the wall. It then gradually does about 300 damage to anything in the vicinity, over a lifetime of about 8 seconds. They're great for ambushing Minotaurs, because in under two seconds you can cover it with enough fireballs to seal its fate, and it will slowly roast to death. Be careful, you can be damaged by your own fireballs.

The alternate fire shoots a fireball in a straight line, which explodes on impact. The splash radius is within a really nice sweet spot, not too small to make it hard to kill things, but not too big to make it easy to kill yourself. This makes the Fire Tank a great vehicle for swatting mantas.

If anyone is crazy enough to get close to your Fire Tank, the second seat's flamethrower will roast them very quickly. The flamethrower is also good for denying Redeemers and AVRILs. The third seat is a laser turret, which is useful for defending the tank against fliers.

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