Fire Hound
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: TropicNightfall, Gravitrek, Scorched
Armor: 600


Primary: Short range flame thrower, 200 damage per second
Alternate: Same as Primary

Side Gunner

Primary: Skymines, 40 damage, 2.5 shots per second
Alternate: Laser, 25 damage, 1.5 shots per second
Combo: 200 damage

Rear Gunner

Primary: Napalm, 5 shots per second
Alternate: Fireball, 225 damage, 1 shot per 1.8 seconds, moderately large radius

The Fire Hound is a fast and maneuverable assault vehicle. It's best used by filling all three seats and fighting on the move. The rear seat works just like the main seat in a Fire Tank, except weaker.

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