EONS Scorpion
Class: 4-Wheel RV
Creator: Wail of Suicide
Health: 300
Seats: 1


Primary Fire: Plasma Nova (projectile)
Primary Fire Damage: 80
Secondary Fire: Speed Boost / Arm Self-Destruct
Speed Boost Time: 2.00 s
Speed Boost Recharge: 8.00 s
Self-Destruct Damage: 300


The EONS Scorpion shares the same health and handling characteristics of the basic Scorpion. It can, however, be controlled midair (e.g. Stunt Mutator) to align its landings properly.

Primary Fire: The EONS Scorpion's primary fire is significantly different from the Energy Bolas fired by the standard Scorpion. The EONS Scorpion fires "Plasma Novas." Each plasma nova is a concentrated, team-colored projectile of energy launched in a flattened arc. The novas explode on contact dealing 80 damage on a direct hit and splash damage to nearby enemies.

Primary Fire Special Functions: When a Plasma Nova passes near any enemy flying or hovering vehicle, it will discharge and deal damage to the vehicle. If an enemy vehicle is damaged enough, the discharge of the plasma nova will cause the engines to stall, briefly disabling the vehicle and ejecting the enemy driver. Stalled or inactive vehicles will not trigger the Plasma Nova's discharge.
Tip: Steal the enemy's vehicle after disabling it!

Secondary Fire: The EONS Scorpion will boost itself forward with tremendous speed when the secondary fire is used. The speed boost is limited by the EONS Scorpion's charge meter; a boost can only be performed when the meter is fully charged. When the charge meter is full, the driver will receive a beeping notification.
Note: The EONS Scorpion takes double damage from all sources while boosting! Use with care!

Secondary Fire Special Functions: Pressing the secondary fire again while boosting will cause the Scorpion's self-destruct mechanism to arm. If the EONS Scorpion hits a wall, enemy, or vehicle while the self-destruct mechanism is armed, the EONS Scorpion will explode, dealing a high amount of damage to nearby enemies and and ejecting its driver safely into the air.
Note: The self-destruct mechanism only remains active while the EONS Scorpion is boosting.

Other: The EONS Scorpion takes slightly reduced damage and momentum from Shock Rifles beams and Spider Mines. In addition, the vehicle is more protective of its driver than the standard Scorpion, only allowing 20% of splash damage to affect the driver.

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