EONS Crusader
Class: 8-Wheel Tank
Health: 800
Creator: Wail of Suicide
Seats: 1


Primary: Shock ball, 150 damage, small radius, 1 shot per 1.175 seconds
Secondary: Shield
Combo: Close-range attack, 200 damage in radius from the Paladin (activate the shield and press primary fire)
Combo Healing (Allies): 25
Combo Healing (Self): 10


Comparable to the Aegis, the EONS Crusader is a beefed-up Paladin. A brief overview of its features compared to the Paladin:


  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Rate of Fire
  • The driver of the EONS takes no damage from splash.

Unlike the Aegis, the EONS Crusader sports some extra defenses:

  • It cannot be damaged by its own projectiles
  • Its heavy armor absorbs 25% damage from bullet weapons, instant-hit weapons, shock-based weapons, and tank shells
  • Any non-superweapon damage it receives above 800 damage is reduced to 700 (that is, a full-health EONS Crusader will always survive the first hit with at least 100 health)
  • When the Crusader activates its combo, nearby allied players and vehicles are energized, restoring 25 health. Additionally, the EONS Crusader itself is energized, restoring 10 health to itself every time its combo activates.
  • The EONS Crusader receives additional healing from Link Guns, making it exceptionally fast to repair.

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