Creator: Solace
Maps: MagicIsle
Armor: 1000


Primary: Laser, 120 damage, 1 shot per second
Alternate: Drop a bomb, 600+ damage, 1 shot per 4 seconds, large radius

AA Gunner

Primary: Moderately rapid homing missiles, 150 damage per second
Alternate: Homing drone, up to 480 damage over 6 seconds, 1 shot per 2 seconds

Repeating Gunner

Primary: Rapid-fire stream of small projectiles, 140 damage per second
Alternate: Shell, 90 damage, 1 shot per second, small radius

The Dragon is a heavy bomber, and can deal major damage to any ground based enemy. It's primary can deal moderate damage to enemies at a range, although the Dragon may have to tilt back for it to be effective against flying enemies. It's alt drops a bomb directly below that can obliterate weak enemies and deal major damage to strong ones, although it can be hard to aim. When flying the Dragon, it's in your best interest to stay as high up as possible, because an enemy that gets above you will usually be able to kill you, and dropping bombs safely requires a lot of altitude.

The primary fire of the AA Gunner is a moderately fast stream of homing missiles. They do good damage but are dodgeable, although not as easily as the Raptor's missiles. The alt fire is a homing drone, basically a missile that shoots Flak at what it's homing at. It isn't too accurate but does a lot of damage… eventually. The AA Gunner seat is powerful, but cannot fire downward.

The primary fire of the Repeating Gunner is a rapid stream of flak particles like a machine gun, which do respectable damage and are decent against slow moving enemies. The alt fire of the passengers is a low powered tank shell, which is effective in dealing with infantry, as well as vehicles which are easily knocked around, such as the HellHound and Badger. The Repeating Gunner seat is less powerful and can only fire downward, but is useful for taking out agile ground units that the driver would have trouble targeting.

Defending against a Dragon is most easily accomplished with an aircraft or anti-air turret, although if you have a high-momentum weapon like the Twin Beam of a HellBender, a well timed shot can send the bomb wildly off course, which is also quite useful. A Dragon will also have trouble hitting infantry with it's primary fire, so if it's far away and doesn't have gunners, Avrils or Shock Rifles are also quite effective.

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