Class: 8-Wheeler
Armor: 800
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: Acerbus-Danno, AlienHop, Barracks-{KL}-BigAl, BlockFort, Bramideon-BadWolf, Crossfire-Danno, Grit-SE-BadWolf, Hoover_Dam, MagicIsle, MinusTankMeUp-EVO-RC2, NMP2-PanaleshSE-BadWolf, OmahaBeach, RedPlanet-DjAy-T, StarReach, Nevermore-TankMeUp, MinusTankMeUp-Kamek, MinusTankMeUp-Evolution, MinusTankMeUp-Evo-V14


Primary: Shell, 180 damage, 1.5 shots per second
Alternate: Fires 8 shells in a spreading arc formation, 1 shot per 3 seconds, can do 1700 damage or more at point blank

The Cobra is good for demolishing anything that gets close to it with its alternate fire. But be careful not to use it too close to yourself, because you can easily destroy yourself with it. It can also deal out lots of damage from a distance with its primary fire.

Cobras are best approached from the air - while they can turn their cannons skyward, the massive eight-shell spread cannot be used, putting them at a slight disadvantage.

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