Class: 8-Wheeler
Armor: 500
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: MinusTankMeUp-EVO-RC2, StarReach, MinusTankMeUp-Kamek, MinusTankMeUp-Evolution, MinusTankMeUp-Evo-V14


Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 175 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

The Centaur is an energy turret on wheels. It's useful for taking down Hammerheads, but gets dominated by any other kind of tank due to its low armor.

Even foot soldiers can pose a serious threat to the under-powered Centaur - its hitscan lasers make it more difficult to score hits, and with only 500 health, a trio of AVRiLs or half-dozen conventional rockets is all that is needed.

The Centaur on MTMU-Kamek is considerably faster than the regular Centaur, but is otherwise the same. It's fast enough to spin out or even flip over if you're not careful.

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