Bio Tank
AKA: Spooge Tank
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, KAKMO, MagicIsle, MinusTankMeUp-Evo, MinusTankMeUp-Gorz
Armor: 1400


Primary: Fires 5 blobs at a time in a spreading arc formation, 225 damage each, 1 shot per second
Alternate (Old): Fires single blobs in a higher arc, 450 damage, 3 shots per second
Alternate (New): Fires a single huge blob, 1800 damage, 1 shot per 1.2 seconds


Primary: Rapid-fire laser, 150 damage per second
Alternate: Zoom

The Bio Tank is designed for dealing huge amounts of damage at close range.

The main canon shoots globs of bio goo, with similar properties to the bio rifle. Blobs either hit a "soft" target like a player or a power node base and explode instantly, or hit a "hard" target like a tank or the floor and stick briefly before exploding. Either way, they explode with a fairly large splash radius relative to their size. If blobs collide, they combine into larger blobs, and if they grow large enough, smaller blobs go flying everywhere.

Don't worry about hurting yourself with all this goo, Bio Tanks can't hurt themselves. In fact, Bio Tanks can't hurt each other, with any of their weapons, even if they're on opposite teams. So if you come across an enemy Bio Tank, don't waste your time trying to kill it, just give it a friendly honk of your horn and go kill something else.

If something is attacking you from long range, you can switch to the second seat and use the lasers.

Defending against BioTanks is best done from a distance, but the tank's swift speed means that a vehicle of your own is all but required. The Badger, Manta, or one of the Scorpion variants are good choices.

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