AKA: Sniper Tank
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: MinusTankMeUp-Evo, Pyroclastic
Armor: 500


Primary: Shell, variable damage (redeemer-like explosion), 1 shot per 4 seconds, huge radius
Alternate: Long range zoom


Primary: Charge-up laser, 450 damage per fully charged shot, 1 fully charged shot per 2.5 seconds
Alternate: Long range zoom

In the past, this was a tank that shot rather humble shells with very high accuracy. Now, it shoots redeemer-like shells with very high accuracy. A direct hit with a shell can do about 1600 damage to a Minotaur. The second seat is great for shooting down hammerheads. Both weapons allow you to zoom in very far; although in practice, the highest zoom levels show you nothing but fog. The Ballista is rather slow, the cannon rotates slowly, and it sports minimal armour - this means that it should be kept away from the front lines of battle to provide covering fire.

Due to its low armour, taking out a Ballista is a relatively simple affair - once you can get close enough, that is. Its nature to engage from great distances means that some "ducking and weaving" will be needed in order to approach it, to avoid the massive blast radius of the shells. Its powerful Charge Turret can also swat down all of the smaller and more nimble flying units in a single blow.

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