Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: AlienHop, MagicIsle, MinusTankMeUp-Evo, Severance
Armor: 600


Primary: Leviathan-like homing missiles, 80 damage, 2 shots per second
Alternate: Launches a guided redeemer, variable damage (redeemer-like explosion), huge radius

The Arbalest is a tank that fires redeemers. However, the redeemers it fires are somewhat weaker than regular ones. In fact, infantry can often survive direct hits. To use the Arbalest to its full potential, you have to know how to best hit your target.

When a redeemer detonates, it first makes a small explosion, waits a fraction of a second, makes a slightly larger explosion, waits some more, and so on, for a total of 6 explosions. Each of the explosions does 100 damage at the center. The trick to causing damage with an Arbalest redeemer is to get your target to absorb as many of those six blasts as possible.

Usually it's impossible to get a light target to absorb more than one explosion, because the first one sends them flying away. If you can get them sandwiched between your redeemer blast and a wall, it will likely kill them. For targets that are heavy and slow, or stationary, just crash the redeemer right on top of them. For fast moving targets, it may work better to detonate the redeemer in their path, so that their speed carries them into the blast. To attack a power node, detonate the redeemer between the base and the floating disk to cause more damage.

If you're under attack from close range, you can defend yourself with primary fire.

Your first instinct upon getting into this tank may be to take it back to the safety of your base and fly redeemers across the map at enemies. However, it will take a long time to fly your missiles from one end of the map to the other, giving enemies lots of time to regroup and heal between blasts. If you hide somewhere closer to the action, you can keep the time between blasts small, and cause much more destruction. It may increase the chance that your Arbalest will get destroyed, but just like any other vehicle, it will respawn.

On some maps (MagicIsle) the Arbalest changes function slightly, and carries three different types of missile that can be cycled through using the secondary fire button. These are the "AA missiles" (Leviathan type) "Weak Redeemers" (default secondary fire) and the "Nova Missile" (a slow-moving, but very powerful Redeemer : there is a real atomic mushroom due to it. It's similar to WGS nuker. average 5000 damage).

If you happen to spot an enemy Arbalest, remember that there is a good chance the pilot is busy guiding a missile, and won't be able to react in time to save their vehicle. Use a weapon with high DPS (Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher) and deliver all 500 points of damage quickly, before the pilot cancels out of their current missile launch and trains the next one on you!

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