Class: 8-Wheeler
Armor: 800
Creator: Gorzakk
Maps: Many


Primary: Shock ball, 150 damage, 1 shot per second, small radius, high momentum
Alternate: Shield
Combo: Close-range attack, 150 damage in all direction from the Aegis (activate the shield and press primary fire)

The Aegis is an improved Paladin. It's faster, shinier, has stronger attacks, a stronger shield, and a higher rate of fire. A useful technique is to bring up the shield, ram into some other tank, and combo it to death. Its plasma shots impart lots of momentum, so you can send light vehicles hurtling through the air. It also has the ability to drive up very steep surfaces.

When defending, treat the Aegis much as you would a Paladin, but be mindful of the increased speed. Allowing one within combo range is a death sentence. Remember to launch your AVRiLs overhead, and then lock on once the missile has snuck "behind" or "above" the shield, to deliver a direct hit.

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